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· Volume III Issue IV


This study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of using educational videos in enhancing character formation among the learners of Mabini Central School. This also aims to address the dilemma of providing sufficient exposure through situational experiences which will serve as good examples of values and character foundation. In addition, it seeks to describe the development of value-based interactive multimedia through video stories needed for the formation of learners’ character.

Thirty-three (33) teachers of Mabini Central School were considered in this research from which a variety of online and self-made videos were crafted and utilized among pupils. Said platform was intended to bridge the gap of addressing the need to strengthen value formation among learners.

Mixed methods of research were used through survey questionnaires and personal interviews. Virtual focused group discussion was also done to supplement the needed data that will contribute to the validity of the study.

The result of the study reveals that using educational videos promotes positive attitude among learners. Infusion of values integrated in the videos was evidently translated to how the learners behave and interact with family members. The way they communicate with learners and peers shows manifestation that good manners watched from videos had been inculcated in their hearts and minds. It was found out that providing an effective media platform will somehow fill in the gaps needed to improve learners’ value formation. Access to educational videos can help motivate students and create a positive effect in their character and attitude.

A plan of action is crafted and proposed so as to provide a synchronized guideline in using and crafting video stories among learners that will possibly address all the underlying gaps encountered relative to value development and improvement.

With the findings identified, it is highly hoped that further implementation of this result be disseminated and shaped to a bigger group of mentors.

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