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· Volume IV Issue IV


One of the most effective means through which values, beliefs and tradition of group of people can be preserved and transmitted is through the strategies employed in teaching Music, Arts, Physical education and Health (MAPEH).

In the Philippines, the Department of Education is doing all it can to improve and raise the quality of the educational system in the country. Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health is a Professional field that demands the necessary qualities and competence an effective teacher. The Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health teacher must possess special abilities in the various activities associated with the progress and must have knack for teaching them. A teacher who possesses the ability in the performance of the varied activities will attain more teaching success than the teacher who does not have the ability, competency and capability to handle the subject. Thus, it can be hard to be a teacher of Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health.

The varied activities in the Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health program requires versatility of the teacher. The teacher must have favorable valuations of the course and must be equipped with the necessary teaching strategies, if not all, of the numerous and varied activities in the subject. The Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health teacher must be able to keep attuned to modern trends of teaching techniques and strategies coupled with the desire to excel and display whatever creative potentials he have may. Affability and versatility of the teacher is needed due to the rapid development extracurricular activity program which have assumed a major consideration and importance in and out of school

It is matter of common knowledge that MAPEH plays an important role in the development of a holistic personality, traditional and modern man have made use of MAPEH subjects as a mean of understanding varied phases of human existence. MAPEH is essential in enhancing the quality of human existence and preserving the ancestral influence considering the rapid changes by which civilization progresses. (Sangley, 2015)

According to the Philippine Constitution article XIV section 14 states that the state shall foster the preservation, environment and dynamic evolution of Filipino national culture based on the principle of unity in diversity in a climate of free artistic and intellectual expression. Section 19 of the same article also states that the states shall promote physical education and encourage sports programs and amateur sports, including training for international competitions to foster self discipline, teamwork and excellence for the development of a healthy and alert citizenry.

Based on the average mean possible scores of periodic test in the year 2017-2018 most of the grade six pupils got only seventy-percent (70) only in MAPEH. This signified that the school performance in MAPEH was very low.

The researcher, a MAPEH teacher, was deeply motivated to undertake this study with the ardent hope that some kind of objective data information about the teacher’s handling MAPEH can be gathered which will serve as vital source to strengthen the implementation of the program.

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