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(An Instructional Material)


· Volume III Issue II


Welcome to ROBOTICS 10! Are you guys excited about this subject? Well, just sit back and enjoy your first ever Robotics Class. 

This year’s learning experience is unique from what you had in the previous years since this will be the first time that you will be having the printed modular learning modality yet there were times Google Classroom for some Interactive Teaching is needed to employ. The mode of learning may be new but then, it is assured that the activities here were designed and crafted based on your needs and the Learning Competencies that the Department of Education prepared for this New Normal though there we some that the topic was changed due to localization and availability of resources. This compilation of activities conforms with the skills, knowledge, values,  concepts, and themes that PIVOT 4A Qube, Calabarzon’s flagship program, suggests in support of DepEd’s ‘Sulong EduKalidad’. 

At the end of the quarter, you are expected to have exhibited competence through Robotics Programming with a thorough understanding of the basic skill in LogoBlocks which is the primary software used in Robocircle and where Robocircle is still available in our school. At the same time, it is anticipated that you have developed a sense of creativity in making code and imagining the expected movements of the robots based on the given task that a robot must accomplish.  

Enjoy your journey!

see PDF attachment for more information