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· Volume III Issue I

The main objective of this study is to determine if Work Discipline directly affects the Work Motivation, Organizational Commitment and Employee Performance of Employees of LCBA belonging to the age bracket of forty years old and above. An Action Plan and Training Program was initiated by the researcher as the output of this study. This study follow a descriptive correlational method design. The target population and respondent for the research was selected within the community of Laguna College of Business and Arts. These are employees belonging to the age bracket of forty years old and above, full time and part time employees are both included as a topic for this study. 

Using the four-point Likert Scale is used for level of perception of the school heads and the teachers as regards the adoption and implementation of Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers and five-point Likert Scale was used to determine the performance of the teachers Work Discipline, Organizational Commitment. There was no significant relationship between work discipline and performance among LCBA personnel.  There was significant relationship between achievement and positive commitment, advancement and positive commitment, growth and positive commitment, as shown in their probability values. An action plan and training program was proposed by the researcher to help the management in improving and manage the work discipline, Organizational Commitment and Work Motivation of the employees in Laguna College of Business and Arts.


An Organization is formed when more than one person organizes, planning and executing with another person who puts them in an order. People helping one another in work constitute an organization. But in every organization there are restrictions that set as limitation to the whole organizational body, thru these restrictions it makes the workplace harmonious and effective, at times restrictions or disciplines are not whole heartedly welcomed by any organization since some may think of it as something negative by some employee as it limits their autonomy in the workplace.

Employee discipline promotes restrictions and adaptability among employees and organizations so they, themselves can be accord¬ed to the requirement and give their best to the organization. It also aims at enabling the employees to act in accordance of the restrictions implemented in the organization they belong to and to follow rules, regulations and proce¬dures, to increase output at the least cost, to boost morale of the employees, to make them feel more confident, to improve human relations and, to discourage any abuse of rules and power inside the organization. 

The purpose of work discipline is developing and implement improvement of policies for many reasons, ranging from fully furnished workplace processes to deciding who gets promoted from within. Work Discipline in an organization is very essential, it does not exempt anyone, employees are obliged to follow rules and regulations implemented by the organization they belong to. Having discipline has its own advantage and disadvantage.  It as its own adverse effects, but nevertheless it makes regulates everything in the workplace. It can trigger motivation and commitment of the employee in the workplace, it also creates the organization’s own identity.

Employee performance refers to how your workforces act in the workplace and how they finely or poorly execute their job in the organization they belong to. Your company typically sets performance goals for employees and the organization as a whole it must be quantifiable so it will be easy to measure and discuss which improvement each should work on in expectations that the business offers good value to customers, minimizes waste and operates efficiently. Nevertheless, Employee performance is the gist of the organization, it is the sole basis of the overall performance of the company, and it is the determinant of its success and failure.

“Professionals” are referred to as workers or employees belonging to 40 years old and above. In America there is less age discrimination pertaining to work , as long as you are able to perform the task assigned to you, there is no restricted retirement age for their workers, oftentimes employees belonging to this group are often discriminated cause they are not dynamic enough to adjust to the changing environment of any organization, most of the time they are the ones who gets to be cut off quickly in the job due to the misconception that they cannot perform better that the young age group.  Although in the Philippine setting there are laws pertaining to anti discrimination of age which protects them from discrimination and unjust treatment, although sometimes there are instances that there are still biases in terms of the recruitment of people belonging to this age group.  

Laguna College of Business and Arts is an academic institution that's been established since 1930 it has been existing for ninety years, has not only been a home for students but for employees and teachers also. Through time it has been the home of professionals, teaching and honing students every school year. It will not be possible without it’s employees who makes up Laguna College of Business and Arts as an effective organization, it will not be possible without teamwork and along side with proper discipline. Work discipline in LCBA is imposed by the Human Resources department, particularly in terms of timekeeping violations and employee misconduct, throughout the years the discipline imposed to it’s employees are developed overtime, with this different adjustments and approaches are adapted by the employees to get through the changes. 

This research’s main respondents are the employees of Laguna College of Business and Arts; it aims to measure if the work discipline applied in the workplace can be adapted by the professionals of the said institution. 

The rationale of this research is to find the significant connection of the variables presented, it should show relevance in the study, the goal is to show that work discipline has significant effect in terms of the performance of professionals in the work place, it also aims to help the organization in terms of decision making and have an effective plan for employee development.

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