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· Volume IV Issue I

It swept through every land, notwithstanding barriers

the high and mighty crumbled like the rest of the world

there was an abundance of givers and takers

but all pushing forward for the greater good.


The appalling state that the horrendous phage plagued us with

devouring our physical conditions and paralyzing our sanities

many have dwindled as instantaneous as believing a myth

but still, some have found their strengths facing its torments.


The past has held us sometimes loosely like the sands of time.

With heroes seen on monuments, ragged and worn out

As their deeds are blown by the winds of change, losing rhyme.

The books are old, their stories untold, like a whirlwind within the roundabout.


Perhaps sifting us all, and each one has found their call

Perhaps telling us that life must go on though trampling down a resounding fall

Perhaps pointing us to tread somewhere desolate, devoid

Perhaps pushing us to choose the road where the others have trudged.


Maybe the world is weary; it has served us sufficiently;

Maybe the world is aghast with its progress that's too fast;

Maybe the load is now becoming too weighty to endure;

Maybe the bearers of the burden had slumped back, unsure.


It's more apparent than the azure sky, my visions extending.

Past where true wisdom lies, the score is 'bout fighting.

Each day is an enigma we must uncover with faith and hope.

Beyond the chaos, tribulations, and pandemic, we grope.


We don't know what we may find at the horizon's end.

We don't know if flowers and trees will keep growing

But we know that far beyond the darkest bend

The sun will keep on shining.