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· Volume II Issue II

The formation by teachers for learners of learning video materials is an initiative that facilitates the promotion of teachers and gives way to contextualized materials for various schools and student diversity. Changing teaching methods in schools is a huge problem facing all. This entails the need for educators to promote the use of technology so that educators can share their expertise with their learners.

For the past four weeks of blended learning in different schools, schools find out other ways to help parents and students to further facilitate their studies even at home. Based on the data gathered, the students can follow the instructions and lesson of the modules if teachers will provide learning video materials to follow the lesson in their modules. Because of this, schools also had an idea of who are the students could be provided with supplementary learning video materials. There is no need to have internet for them to watch the video, students have smartphone that can send to the parents the supplementary learning video during module distribution for their children to watch, students don’t have smartphone or android phone have a television USB port in their home, teachers can provide flash drive to save here the learning video materials for the students. Even in the hard times teachers is still working on ways to provide adequate education to the students even at home.