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· Volume IV Issue II


Reading comprehension is the process by which we understand the text and its content when we read it. The objectives of this research aimed to find out the improvement of the Grade 9 Students’ reading comprehension skills through Direct and Indirect Learning Strategies. Furthermore, this research is conducted to identify the factors that affect students’ ability to improve student’s reading proficiency and determine factors how students get good and bad results of their scores. The subject of this research were grade 9 students in a Secondary Highschool. It consists of one class having 46 students as respondents. The goal of this study was to describe the reading comprehension skills of students in the ninth grade. The test was designed to assess students' reading comprehension skills based on the word, paragraph, and text meaning. The focus of this study was established using the purposive technique, and the researcher chose the study's subjects using proportional random selection. Qualitative and quantitative research was the technique used to analyze the data of assessing the students’ reading comprehension skills. The qualitative data were taken from observation sheets, interviews, and questionnaires. The quantitative data were taken from their pre-test (Phil-IRI)/reading comprehension test. The result shows that there were some differences between students having a high level of comprehension and students with a low level of comprehension. Students with a high level of comprehension had a better interest in reading English and they still used reading techniques effectively. Students who got lower scores did a better understanding of the assessment test through the use of dictionary and take down notes of unfamiliar words and study it in advance in preparation of the test prior to the day the teacher gives a test. Also, students answer based on their stock knowledge or self-preparedness by their own self-study in preparation for the schedule test. For the suggestion, it will be very useful for grade 9 students if they are going to at least twice to thrice a week use full English communication to improve their speaking and reading comprehension skills. Moreover, utilizing direct and indirect learning strategies, students will learn how to enhance their abilities to, adapt, adjust and learn how to deal situations and scenarios that unexpectedly happen and do necessary steps on how they can manage to cope up with their learning especially in Reading Comprehension skills despite challenges arise. Students can choose proper reading materials that will help them bring back their interest and self-confidence. Direct and Indirect strategies play a significant role in improving student’s reading comprehension skill.

Keywords: reading, comprehension, students’ ability, strategies

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