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· Volume III Issue I


Mass media denotes a section of the media designed to reach a large audience. It can be referred to as a means of public communication such as television, radio and widely circulated newspapers that tend to reach a large audience with similar social characteristics (Mintz, 2015). Thompson (2014), defined mass media as books, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, cinemas, records, tapes and videos. Mass media is as communication media that reach a large audience, especially television, radio and newspaper. Media can be defined broadly as channels of communication. It is considered in terms of its software and hardware (Ogunmilade, 2014). 

Many studies indicate that the use of mass media influenced the performance of students/ pupils and competency of lecturers in the process of knowledge impartation to students. Further, the quality, quantity, and availability of mass media in the school have been found to have significant effect on the performance of the students/ pupils.

This study therefore hopes to explore the effects of the mass media on the academic performance of the Grade 6 pupils in selected public elementary schools in Binangonan III in the Province of Rizal- Tayuman Elementary School (TES), Tagpos Elementary School (TgES), and Bilibiran Elementary School (BES).

Established in 1948, Tayuman Elementary School (TES) is a DepEd-managed monograde school operating under ID no. 109318. It is located along the National Highway, First District of Binangonan II, Province of Rizal. Like any other schools in the District, their pupils are exposed to various media in the teaching- learning process. 

Tagpos Elementary School (TgES) is located at Luklukan Compound in District I, Binangonan II, Province of Rizal since 1995. As a young elementary school, TgES prides itself to be operating with the changes in time including progressing with the challenges of technology. 

Since 1965, Bilibiran Elementary School (BES) is a DepEd-managed monograde school located along the National Road of District I in Binangonan III, Rizal. BES pupils also receive instructions with the use of mass media.

It is a known fact that the quality of skill and knowledge received by pupils is being determined by the type of mass media that they are exposed to. It is in this premise therefore that the researcher explored the effects of mass media on their academic performance. The results of the study may be used to craft an Action Plan in the areas of instructions delivery, teaching strategies, and deportment, to name a few. 

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