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UGNAYAN: Local and International Partnership and Linkages in the Arts and Culture-based Education at the SHS Arts and Design Track of the Regional Lead School for the Arts in Angono



· Volume II Issue II


The researchers addressed the following concerns in relation to the established partnership and linkages of the Senior High School Arts and Design Track of the Regional Lead School for the Arts in Angono: 1.) What are the motivation(s) of RLSAA in entering into partnership for the SHS Arts and Design Track? 2.) What are the deterrents that discourage RLSAA from entering into partnership? 3.) What are the factors of success of the partnership program of RLSAA in the SHS Art and Design Track? 4.) What are the significant impact of the established partnership in the RLSAA-SHS to: a. Students, b. Teachers, c. Program/Administration? The researchers identified best practices, mitigated challenges, and expanded partnership and recorded significant achievements that led to the creation of a partnership design that could serve as a reference in entering a partnership program.

The researchers used both qualitative and quantitative research methods. As the researchers intend to know the motivation to partnership, deterrents of partnership and factors of success in partnership survey questionnaire is designed as adopted from the study conducted by Keegan S. Vail on the Beneficial Arts Collaboration: A Bloomington Perspective (2014). To determine the impact of the partnership program, the researchers crafted guide questions targeting areas of concern and recorded testimonials of the respondents. Observation, a systematic data collection approach, is likewise employed to record/transcribe other messages as the researchers use their senses in the process of examining the people in natural setting and/or as they engage themselves in the implementation of the program. The researchers employed the purposive sampling technique in identifying the 36 respondents comprising of teachers, students and partners.

The research hereby presents the following findings: A.) That the RLSAA-Partnership and Linkages Program relative to the sustainability of the program established a strong connection with its partners through the setting of clear mission/intention of program, reckoning good reputation and proper documentation of the programs and projects implemented with 2.54 - 2.62 mean score (strongly agree). B.) That no mission, bad reputation, competition, one-sidedness and potential lose of identity as considerations that should be avoided in order to ensure the stability of the partnership program with the mean score of 2.46 (strongly agree). C.) That established partnership program records significant contributions affecting the students, their family, the community and the school. Testimonies of the student-beneficiaries in various art disciplines, records of adherence of teachers, parents and administration in performance/output based evidences mirror the growing impact of the program. D.) That the RLSAA-SHS partnership and Linkages record best practices over the challenges identified in the implementation of the program leading to a partnership design.

Keywords: partnership, collaboration, best practices, deterrents on partnership, partnership design