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· Volume II Issue I

This study investigated the trends, analysis and projections of St. Francis Xavier College Licensure Performance from 2013-2018 of the board program offerings of the school, the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSED), Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCRIM) and Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA). This study made use of the descriptive-correlational design to analyze the data gathered from the official results released by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).

Findings of this study revealed that Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) program of the college attain a better performance for (6) years as it explicitly nearer to the National Passing Rate. On the other hand, Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), first-timers perform better than the repeaters. The College of Criminal Justice Education showed up significant differences against the National Passing Rate between first timers and repeaters. Over the years, first timers consistently performing well except in 2018, where repeaters beat the first-timers’ performance. Overall impression does not show any significant difference because its performance is higher compared to the National Passing Rate.

Accountancy’s performance is quite different from any board program of the College. Over the years, repeaters perform better compared to the first timers.

To increase licensure performance of the college across programs, retention and admission policy be implemented and that English proficiency enhancement is highly recommended before taking any licensure examinations. For teacher education, incorporating and monitoring review classes for areas where most takers failed, should be given more attention. Revisiting the curriculum and retooling using different articulation be designed to cater the needs of the students. Mock board or comprehensive examination should be given as part of the review class, and regular assessment should be considered.

Keywords : Trends, Analysis, Projections and Licensure Performance