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· Volume II Issue II

How to find the balance between taking pride in what we have accomplished and being quiet, and facing the impression by some of not doing enough? There have been nuances over the past months, some even going viral to some degree, about teachers earning salaries doing less or nothing at all. This, sadly, is what some believe.

And, inevitably, teachers screamed that this is completely unfounded and unjust. Unfortunately, for critics, they don't really know what's going on inside the homes of the teachers while having their work from home arrangement, and inside their classrooms while completing work a month or a few weeks before the opening of classes.

Teachers are perplexed by the need to record what they have done in an output-hungry world that calls for proof of work. And so one can find the Facebook walls of teachers peppered with assignments, paper works here and there, even more so in the last few weeks before the classes opened. We can see in their walls almost every day that they print modules for a large number of students and subjects, and plead with all saints so that their printers will not malfunction. They pray to all the gods they know of for more bond papers!

But amid all these difficulties, teachers carry out regularly their duties without praise but scorn, as though they don't have the right to complain because there seems to be a mechanism that tells them to be subservient.

For newbies, this is definitely not the profession to be in. Yet salute to others who quietly continue to work. Despite the ridicule, there are teachers who concentrate on what else they can to strengthen their craft, boost the execution of their classes, find ways to meet their students, wherever they are, without worrying about the various risks.

Rains, the sun's scorching heat, teachers brace miles and miles, rivers after rivers, mountains after mountains just to provide their learners with the modules. For teachers, these encounters appear to be only commonplace as they promise that no student should be left behind.

Teachers may be put in hot water, in particular on how best to adapt to the new teaching-learning process. Given the right mindset and the will to truly serve the learners, nothing and no one can dampen the spirit of the silent workers.