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Felisa S. Maneclang

· Volume I Issue I

The story that I want to share is a story of struggles, pain, failures and success. Maybe just the same old story that we often read but in every story there’s always life’s lesson that it usually offers which may awakened us. The unending journey of one’s life is worth sharing to other with the thought that it may give them encouragement and strength to fight dilemma and challenges before one can succeed in life. Aside from material things, position, status in the society the man in this story wanted to live a life with too much humbleness. A great trade mark about him could be describe as kind, approachable and most of the time, he display his genuine smile to whomever he can be with. There’s always a distinction of an employee and employer but for him he treated everyone equally regardless of their status in life.

Eul or Sir Eul as fondly called by the majority of his friends, business partners and workers, started with a very humble beginning. Not in his wildest dream of becoming what he is at present .A typical child whose dream of becoming somebody someday is not part of his ambition. Of course, coming from a big family of nine were he was the second, his father expected him to help in carpentry job but sir Eulo often rejected to help his father. He was once told by his papa that he was the laziest among the four boys in the family and even predicted that life in the future for sir Eulo would be miserable due to his attitude towards work .That words from his father really stuck in his mind and hurt him so much. The reason for rejecting his father’s request was he doesn’t like to missed class.

His life as a grade school learner was quiet hard. He has to walk six (6) kilometre from their abode to the school where he used to study .He was expected to be home after class because he must help his mother to took care of his younger siblings. Every day of going to and fro from the school to his house was a struggle for him .But with great desire to finish with good grades, he never had a second thought of quitting. There were times that he was force to absent from the class especially when the weather is not fair .One of his classmate describe him as a keen observer and a witty person .He loved to participate in any activities in school but maybe due to some financial draw back, there were times that he was not able to participate.

I came across to know Sir Eul, when we were once classmate in our college days. One thing I remembered him was his tardiness. Oftentimes I saw him entered the school gate past 8:00, empty handed. Usually, his notebook was folded in his back. I fondly called him before as Mr .Tardy with the thought that he might have slight chance to succeed. I even remembered that there were times I saw him in the corner of my eyes he seems so tired. Some of our classmates divulge that, Sir Eul had to go fishing during night time and that’s make him sleepy during the day.

Despite of that hardship he experienced, I know for sure that he never lose his will to continue his study. He showed great interest to learn and discover things. He was funny to be with and oftentimes throw jokes with the group. His favourite past time was singing with us. He used to play guitar and he’s good at that. He considered singing and music as his passion.

Time flies so fast and that was so far our last encounter as college students. After that we graduated, we separated ways with the group. We never knew any bits of information about our individual life. I’m also busy with my own struggle and the group maybe has their own way of striving for their life having family too.

The face book craze or the social media has its way of reconnecting people across the globe and those who are near but far. Reconnections with our batch started last July 2018.At first I was so hesitant to join with the created group chat where I am part of it. I usually ignore the messages there, until’ one day, it was August 17 last year where I came across with the photo of a man in businessman attire. I was not able to recognize that person at one glance until a flashback on his picture slowly came to my mind and the man was Mr Tardy.

I have a second thought of leaving the group because I feel that the person that I used to belittle before has achieve his dream in the field of business. Of course, Sir Eul never knew that I used to entertain that thought before. But I was wrong then of judging people due to some form of lapses .Of all in our batch he was successful in running business related with pharmaceuticals and forwarding and logistics services here in Cebu.

The person was totally different not only in his physical feature but the attitude of being so good and kind was engrave in his totality that he never change even to what he achieve. A down to earth, smile beaming always in his face that one will not hesitate to approach him .By then we started chatting and planning for our 25th batch reunion. I thought that having a reunion is just a plan and a dream. Sir Eul, was the one who suggested to have our first ever reunion with the batch because it is his way of sharing his blessings to us and to be with us.

The first reunion was realized through his financial aid for everything that was needed by us. After 25 years we meet with the group. For the first time I was able to saw sir Eul in person. He was still witty, joker and a person of deep thoughts to our classmates who have problems. He even aided one of our classmate medicine and hospitalization. There was no hesitation or whatever negative attitude shown amongst us because he approach us first and he treated us like he did during college days.

When asked if he encountered failures before achieving what he enjoys at present, he nodded with a smile and said, “Everything is possible if God is always with us no matter how big is the storm. I’m still affected and experienced different failures but what is good with me is I kept pursuing my dreams not by myself but with my family and God.” He jokingly added, my dream runs steadily but I keep chasing that dream until I get to the finish line with my dream realized.” What I am today is the product of my hard work, I never build my castle for a single night but I build my dreams into reality with lot of failures over period of time. Every time I failed, I just think that maybe it’s not the right time for me to succeed, so I have to try other strategies until I found the right one.”

Our story ended with a great teaching from a person who was judged by the surface not on the sincerity of his deeds, the hard-work and faith that he wear every time he faces different problems, trials and adversities. Good luck sir and may your story be emulated by those young who dreamed of becoming somebody in the future.