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· Volume IV Issue IV

The mind is might but the body is of a poor plight

The long years of fight to life, but it doesn’t shed light

Light is the word while dark is the world

People choose dark rather than light


Outer zest resulted from the inner quest

Inner zest cannot always be manifested through outer zest

The more we moil, the quicker we spoil

The body will fall and the spirit will be called


Every men’s heart desire is Gods’ work to identify

The Lord sees the heart either it is black or white

Words can be deceiving and hearts can also be perplexing

But Tiffany says hearts never lie and why should we lie.


Youthful bliss is something to be treasured

Life while young is not only to be measured

Works you’ve done, for Christ has done

The physical body will be destroyed but life will be restored


What is good if God is not being moved

Professing lips but work in the wrong move

What is bad if the Holy Ghost is not sad

Anyway, we are all as filthy as rags


Fame, wealth, intelligent and talent

Material possession with full obsession

Educational degree, power and recognition

All of these will vanish because man will perish


Earthly body is seemingly corruptible

and heavenly body is surely incorruptible

Man will Fall like the old Babylon

God will stand tall because He is all in all.