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The Efficacy of Intervention Materials in Improving Learners’ Competence in Grade 11 Students in Physical Science


The implementation of K to 12 programs using the spiral approach in teaching Physical Science is on hardcore. Based on the studies of Javier (2013), after seven years the Status of the Implementation of Spiral Approach in teaching Science, it was found out that in the Learners’ Competency is least managed. The start of the first quarter is new to students and they find it hard to organize and understand each topic due to the learning gap. In line with this, the researcher would like to make an intervention material that will help improve the students’ competency in first grading period (Physical Science) with the used of scaffold. This research aims to determine the effectiveness of the intervention material that used scaffold in teaching Physical science. The statistical treatments used in the study are weighted mean and t test. Based on the data gathered, the mean gained by experimental group is higher than the mean gained by the control group. The computed t value showed that there is significant difference between the mean of two groups. Therefore, the intervention materials is an effective way of improving students’ competence.

Key words: Scaffold, Intervention, Learners’ Competence