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The Effects of Inquiry-Based Learning Method on Learners’ Level of Achievement in TLE

Mari Flor C. Ornido

The education system nowadays is rapidly developing. We are witnessing the prompt evolution of learners’ needs and demands of realizing 21st century learning skills as parallel to K-12 curriculum. Therefore, today's advancements are inconceivable without the usage of appropriate teaching strategy. Ramnarain and Hlatswayo (2018) mentioned that through inquiry-based classroom activities teachers able to promote sense of independency which operate learners with greater autonomy. In the present study, inquiry-based learning method was utilized through activities that promoted meaningful learning outcomes in teaching computer hardware servicing. This study used the combination of qualitative and quantitative research method where the researcher formulated descriptive survey questionnaire and interview guided questions to determine the effects of inquiry-based learning method on learners’ achievement in Technology and Livelihood Education. Observers were also invited to assess learners’ engagement during the utilization of the learning method. Purposive sampling technique was used in selecting respondents (N=122) from four (4) sections of Muzon Harmony Hills High school during second grading period of school year 2018-2019. The findings of the study showed that there was a significant difference between the level of achievement of the learners exposed to inquiry-based learning method and those taught using conventional learning method. Based on the findings and conclusions, inquiry-based learning method helped learners improve their achievement and they also developed 21st century life learning skills motivation, enthusiasm, critical and creative thinking, cooperation and leadership.

Keywords: Inquiry-Based Learning Method, Learners’ Level of Achievement in TLE