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· Volume III Issue IV

A lot has already happened and things did change most especially if it pertains to the system and modality, we are to use this academic year 2022-2023. In private schools, although budget is limited, it is much easier for them to at least make and create innovations because it always depends on the number of enrollees. However, although public schools have their allocated budget from the government, it is harder for them, the situation is on the contrary from the private schools. The more the students, the more classrooms needed, the more manpower they should hire. But with the current facilities so as the number of manpower, a great planning or let us say miracle is needed.

Many have been asking questions, now that in-person classes are gradually coming back, is it safe already? If yes, can the schools address the concerns and gaps that the country’s education has? If we are going to look at the present plans, yes, it truly is wonderful at first glance. But if we will be digging dipper, it is very much ideal and very far from the reality, to what is really happening. However, we cannot deny the fact that the officials of the agency, DEPEd, is working hard to put solutions to the present problems. It is just that, budget is truly the problem.

Many questions have been raised and left unanswered, a lot of plans remained as plans, but teachers and even school-based administrators, are indeed hoping for a better future, for a brighter tomorrow. Hope is not limited, solutions are infinite, we just have to wait for the proper time when things are ready, when people are more equipped, when budget is sufficient and when plans are more concrete. The Philippine education system has potentials, not much ready for the coming transition, but truly having high hopes to surpass challenges.