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· Volume II Issue IV

Where do humans come from? This question was still in talk until now. From the religious perspective, God created Adam, the first man, from the dust and places in the Garden of Eden, where he was in control of every animal. Then from Adam, he created Eve, the first woman. But, this was in contrast to the belief that early humans lived back then and evolved from being Australopithecus to Homo sapiens. So far, hypotheses and theories continuously emerge, yet there are no clarifications made to answer this question.

What we always want is to live a happy and healthy life. Of all creatures, we humans are the lucky ones to live and rule the world. However, our way of life differs from each other. Not all of us are as privileged as the rich. Most of us can’t live in a well-conditioned environment. Many are still in the stage of searching for themselves and looking for love. Because in life, we come across many challenges. Some of it makes us who we are, while some tell us what we should be. There will be difficulties, there will be bad days. It was like these downs would never seem to end. Most of us give up, but those people who won’t are the ones to face the brighter of the day.

We all love food, and so do I. The beauty of life is like a meal. When we get to decide what we do with our life, it is called a decision. Whenever we prepare a meal, we make decisions. We decide what goes in a meal and what doesn’t. This is called an ingredient. As we control which ingredients and how much of these ingredients we put in a meal, we also control what actions we take in life. Our family, relatives, friends, or even colleagues, are our ingredients. Life isn’t all about ourselves. It also talks to people whom we met. These people, who served as our ingredients in life, brought us to where we are right now, serving the best versions of ourselves.

Life does taste too. It has a bittersweet start and end. As time passes, life takes different turns. There are times we may feel completely unhappy and dissatisfied, while sometimes we just feel life fully and want to stay here forever. We can’t describe what we are feeling, and sometimes we ask why. We can’t even find the reason for that confusing state. At times, we want to do many things and put effort into them, but we suddenly reach the point of not doing anything and just feeling nothing. All we want to do now is unwind or sleep. Thus, these different tastes hold how life goes on.

In life, we always seek easy-catch happiness. Yet, it is not something we can simply make, do or create. Instead, happiness is the result of what we do, the result of our actions and circumstances. Indeed, the sweetness of life depends on its bitterness. We cannot simply make a great meal by just adding sugar to it. We should remember that a great meal is always the result of its ingredients, the recipe.

Whenever we go to a fast-food chain or restaurant, we usually order the dishes we prefer to eat and avoid those we dislike. Life is the same with it. We always choose those things we like to do and those things we would enjoy. A menu offers multiple choices, which gives us a hard time deciding what meal we should order. Sometimes, we choose to order meals on the recommendation of others, but in the end, we are not happy with what we get. It shows that too many choices in life lead us to confusion. Getting advice from others would be a great help, but you must still choose or do the things you think will give you the best results. 

We often think that success is the thing that makes us happy. Yet, success is different from happiness. Personal satisfaction is a far greater indicator of life success. Life may be full of ups and downs, but we all deserve to be happy, not requiring that someone should be unhappy. Success is also a part of life. Like happiness, it is also a result of actions we take, but its concept is sometimes misunderstood. The best thing for us to do is to create a new definition of success that helps us to become happier.

Ingredients, recipe, and menu. These are the first words that come to our mind every time we hear the word cuisine. Our life may be like a cuisine tasting sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. Still, we are lucky to live in a world like this. As human beings, we are blessed to have a conscious mind, which makes us one of the most powerful species to live in this world. We are the only species that can dictate our outcome. No matter what dish our life turns out to be, we should never lose hope or stay unhappy. We must do something with this life and live it fully. We should not waste every single moment of our lives being sad and regretful. Let us embrace courage with truth and go with the flow.