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Teachers’ Organizational Commitment and Its Correlation
on Instructional Competence

Joey R. Cabigao

This study primarily aims to determine the relationship of teachers’ organizational commitment and instructional competence. Organizational commitment is measured using four dimensions (Celep, 2000) while instructional competence is quantified using DepEd’s Instructional Tool. The study hypothesizes (Ho)that teachers’ organizational commitment and instructional competence have no significant relationship. Descriptive correlational method is utilized with 32 teachers of Malolos City High School-Santisima Trinidad as respondents for SY 2016-2017. Pearson r is employed to identify the degree of relationship at .05 level of significance. Among the four dimensions, the study reveals that only teachers’ Commitment to School (p-value= .020) has a significant relationship with instructional competence. As teachers’ commitment to school becomes stronger, instructional competence goes higher. Other three dimensions have no significant relationships with instructional competence. The study suggests to (1) develop school-initiated program to enhance teachers’ commitment to school leading to higher instructional competence; (2) align school practices with DepEd standards to maximize resources in delivering quality services thus building a good image to school; (3) ensure that institutional vision, mission, and core values are properly articulated to teachers as their guides in the service; and (4) conduct similar studies with larger number of teacher-respondents to determine if the other three aforementioned dimensions have significant relationships with instructional competence.