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· Volume III Issue III

The pandemic that beset the whole world had affected a lot of lives causing chaos and death in multitude across the globe. Countries death toll rose up, economic growth has stopped, businesses closed and poverty are just the few aftermaths brought about by CoVid-19. Our country, the Philippines struggled hard to combat the deadly virus because it has limited resources as a third world nation. Nevertheless, the government is trying hard to protect its citizenry against the virus and exhausting all possible resources for the Filipinos to be safe, resilient and would be able to continue living even at these most challenging times. Different agencies of the government work together to ensure the safety of all Filipinos especially the front liners who are doing much just to save lives. 

Among all the agencies of the government, the Department of Education made it possible for the children to continue their education through the Basic Education Continuity Learning Plan (BELCP). Modular print, online learning, use of radio and TV networks were conceptualized and utilized so that children will learn even they are confined at their homes. At this point, teachers shifted from the regular face to face classes to the different alternative delivery mode because of this “new normal” which practically changed the educational system. We could not afford to stop because our future is at stake. Teachers adjusted just to cope with the new normal. I for one, have to walk for an extra mile to ensure that the goals of the department be attained. My task broken down into responsibilities and duties as a teacher have widen because of this pandemic. I have to walk an extra mile for my learners who are confined in their homes and who could not afford to stop learning.

I should not back down but instead work hand in hand with other internal and external stakeholders to make teaching-learning possible even at these most difficult times. 

I should confer and collaborate with my superiors and colleagues to help achieve our common goal which is the continuity of learning through the BECLP Basic Education Continuity Learning Plan.

I responded to the call of our department to continue upholding the vision and mission to carry out education and perform my duties and responsibilities despite this pandemic that beset us all. I worked hard to print modules and distribute to parents and learners so that learning is possible even my learners are not in the usual classroom but in the comfort of their homes. I update myself with the latest technology I the usage of online and offline classroom tools for the benefit of the learners under my care. I tooled and retooled myself with the latest trends in education through attending virtual trainings and webinars for me to learn and adapt the skills, attitudes and techniques to be an effective and efficient teacher. 

I encourage the learners and parents that we could do this together. I keep and open line of communication with them whichever possible; phone calls, text messaging, social media and other ways of reaching me out if they encounter problems about the lessons in the modules. I collaborated with other teachers on how to use other resources such as the use of Podcast, Viva Video, Anchor, Class Point, Slido and many more so that I could teach the learners using these tools. I motivated each learner depending on each capacity to learn that they have to adapt with the new normal for their own sake. I myself did not stop but instead continue working hard for the sake of the children under my care and I keep the torch burning because this is what I am called for and I should my best at all times. I am considered a front liner because I have to go to school and risk my life to make learning possible. I have to perform my duties and responsibilities in order to contribute to the attainment of quality education even at this time of pandemic. Making a difference in the lives of schoolchildren by educating them to become responsible citizens of the country is a fulfilling thought. My profession is the noblest among all professions and I would like to make the most out of it. Amidst this pandemic when nothing is sure, teachers are risking their lives for the sake of learning. 

Our vital role as teachers in shaping the future of our nation is greater than this pandemic that is why we shifted relentlessly to “new normal” so that the dreams of our schoolchildren would be realized and this country would be at par to other nations of the world.  No matter how strikingly difficult it is, we are moving forward and embrace the challenges of the “new normal”.  We utilized the use of modern technology just to reach every learner even to those who are economically deprived. At this point in time, we could not afford to back down because the government is relying on us teachers to make a difference and draw inspiration to every life we touch. The ultimate dream of our country that every Filipino learner would realize his/her full potential and contribute meaningfully in building the nation is not far its realization because we are the teachers who could MAKE A DIFFERENCE.