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Strengthening Parent-Teacher Partnership and Community Linkages Towards Students’ Academic Achievement of Lemery Senior High School


The study aims to enhance the academic achievement of students by strengthening the involvement of parents and other stakeholders in different school activities. It focuses on the implementation of different activities on strengthening parents and stakeholders’ involvement and stakeholders linkages towards quality learning outcomes among students. The researcher used the descriptive qualitative research which aims to identify the reasons for low parents’ involvement in different school activities and meetings using the PTA attendance as a baseline.
The researcher used survey method, interview and FGD as data gathering methods. The following data gathering tools namely: PTA attendance, checklist and questionnaire were used to achieve the goals of this study. The questionnaire was distributed to 50 students through random sampling. Majority of parents were unable to leave their responsibilities just to attend the PTA meetings and conferences. Involving the barangay officials in meetings and programs of the school, organizing team building activities are some of the proposed activities to strengthen community linkages. Recognition of parents and students who are actively attending meetings and school activities can be done consistently. In cases that parents were not able to attend the said activities, the school will have a re-schedule scheme.