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Once upon a time, a pretty girl named Rita lived in a land not far away, she has a short, black and curly hair. She has been so hopeful to have a straight and silky hair like others. Her mother always put her hair in a braid and buys her clips and scrunchies so her hair will look pretty even more, but little Rita doesn’t like it that way.

One sunny morning, Rita went to the park to have fun with some other kids, but they refuse to play with her. She went home running and crying.

“Why are you crying, my dear Rita? Her mom asked. “Why is my hair different from other kids? I don’t like my hair, these hairclips and scrunchies are useless! They still don’t want to play with me!” She uttered while crying. Rita’s playmates were still making fun of her, reason why she never loved her hair, not even once.

“You have that kind of hair because you are special, Sweetheart. Someday you will realize how precious your hair is, and you will love it as much as you wanted to have a straight hair like others.” Her mom hugged her tight. “You just have to be confident and contented for what you have, Sweetheart.” Her mother added.

One day, Rita went to the park alone. She was sitting in a wooden bench near the lake. She saw a little girl with a long, straight and silky hair that she badly wanted. The little girl was running and giggling while playing, her hair was so silky and shinny. “I wish, I have those strands of hair too.” she whispered with a deep sigh.

The next day, She saw the little girl again. But this time, the girl was wearing a different hair. She was wearing a black and curly hair. Rita herself cannot believe on what she had noticed. She’s pretty sure that the girl she saw the other day was the same girl she’s staring today.

Rita started to walk towards the little girl, and she tried to make friends with her.

“Hello, I’m Rita.” She waved her hand to the little girl and put a pretty smile on her face.

“Oh Hi Rita, I am Emma.” the little girl replied.

Rita and Emma became good friends, they always see each other and play in the park together.

One time while playing in the park, Rita’s Short, Black and Curly hair caught Emma’s attention. “You really have a nice and healthy hair Rita, I wish I have the same hair like yours.” Rita was shocked on what she heard.

“Are you sure Emma? Did I hear it right?” Rita answered in surprise.

“Yes Rita, I’m pretty sure. Because all my life, I’m praying for my hair to grow healthy again.” She replied in a soft and emotional voice.

“What do you mean Emma? Your hair is long and silky. To be honest, you have a gorgeous hair, and I admire it so much.” Rita replied while caressing Emma’s hair.

The little girl smile sadly and slowly removed her hair. Suddenly, a face full of confusion was formed on Rita’s lovely face. She was shocked on what she has discovered.

“You are blessed and lucky for having such a healthy hair. To tell you frankly, I am sick Rita, so I have to wear these strands of hair which gives me hope. I wish you will take a good care of your hair and health as well.” The little girl said in a soft voice.

At that moment, Rita realized how favored and fortunate she is for having her black and curly hair.

“I promise Emma, Thank you for letting me realize how greatful I am for having these healthy strands of hair.”

Since then, Rita started to love and appreciate the beauty of her natural healthy curls.