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· Volume V Issue III

On his heel bone, sits a boy

In front of him, stands a man

On both their hands, lights a cigar

Beside of them, glances the fire.


Around the world, smokes each man

Under the sun, infects each one

Below the ground, awaits a mark

Above the sky, waves the dark.


Inside the hell, laughs the death

On their long way, travels the soul

Beneath the styx, weeps the spirit

Across the twilight, rises the knoll.


On its pages, are words of God

On its verses, are psalms of Love

On its lines, are values of hope

For all of them, engage in smoke.


On the walls, are the heaven’s stress

For all those sinners, chances are sent

Beneath the sky, heaven and Earth

Prevails God’s words and forgiveness.