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Lucky Ivy A. Viaro

· Volume I Issue I

Teachers are the key persons in the teaching-learning process of science. They determine all the necessary actions which will make the students acquire knowledge, concepts, ideas and related information about science. Awareness of these are useless if there are no applications especially in the solutions of problems. The quality of science education in schools is greatly influenced by the quality of science teachers. Students’ interest in science is directly linked to the quality of teaching as well as learning interactions provided by their science teachers.

It is the responsibility of science teachers to pursue opportunities to build their understanding of how students with varied interest, abilities and experiences can be supported and guided. Committed science teachers should be reflective, collaborative, successful motivators, good facilitators, research-oriented and life-long learners. Strategies and approaches in teaching science are ways of teachers for teaching improvement. Collaborative approach in teaching science is one strategy that can improve science teaching.

Now a days there’s a lot of academic problem issue some of the news were about the numbers of dropouts and subject inproficiencies of the students in some places. Those news saying that there’s a lot of students who feel depression because of academic difficulties that cause failure in doing school activities and some are attaining high grades on test. Because of there it will reflect on the grades of the student. One of the students said that now a days, the academic curriculum is getting harder most of the students are having a hard time to understand some of the lessons making them feel depressed about their academic performance. They need a medium to cope up on the lesson to succeed on even school activities that is why the brain games is needed to enhance their academic capabilities. The purpose of this study is to enhance the cognitive thinking of every student in order to cope up on any school activities for the improvement of academic performances.

In this generation, many applications are developed for the entertainment while improving cognitive abilities but most of them are developed through of observation and deep studies only in one place, that is why some of them are not adaptable to other students as they called dull and weird. This is the reason why we a group of researchers are trying to research some innovations for the implementation of an effective brain game. Through this students will be mentally, socially and emotionally developed and enhanced.

Based from the MPS of Physical Science Subject, the teacher researcher proposed science activity was through a game and implemented it in the School Year 2018-2019 in the first semester. The activity was developed by the researcher through the assistance of her ICT student named John Henry B. Liwag. The developed activity was the electronic game called “SCIEN-CIA ImBESTigador” which has a part called lexicon where in different basic terms in Physical Science are contained. In playing this game. There are three levels, easy, average and difficult questions. Groups are formed with 4 members each. The group who will get the highest score will be the winner in this game. The learners will read the lexicon and then will answer the questions contained in the games.