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Prof. Mustapha E. Dimaro, J.D., MPA, Sh.L.

· Volume II Issue IV


This study ascertained the satisfaction of the students on the services provided by the office of the Registrar, MSU, Marawi City and determine some implications for policy reforms to enhance and enrich the effectiveness and efficiency of providing services. Specifically, it sought to know the Registrar’s Office services availed of by the student respondents; the frequency of availing those services; the attitude of the students to the services provided by the Registrar’s Office in terms of coordination, accessibility, availability, continuity and accountability; the level of satisfaction of the respondents regarding the services being provided by the Registrar’s Office; the perceived problems in the services provided by the Registrar’s Office, and the implications of the result of the study of the policy reform.

The study used a cross sectional survey research design that made used of qualitative descriptive methods in the interpretation of data gathered. The primary data were gathered from a sample of two hundred (200) students plus fifty (50) alumni working and a resident in of Mindanao State University, Marawi City campus. This was supported by some official documents and observations which constitute the secondary data. These were presented, analyzed and interpreted through used of descriptive statistical tools, such as: frequency count, percentage distribution, and mean score.

The significant findings of this study disclosed that all services provided by MSU-Marawi registrar office were seemingly availed of by the respondents but there is a need to strengthen the services provided for the release of the diploma, transcript of records and Honorable dismissal. It also disclosed that normally, the registrar schedule the release of students’ documents in one-week duration. This is frustrating because it seems unreasonable with the technology that we have at present which could possibly serve the students request faster, say for just a day or two. It implies that there must be technical problem in the university network and system or the module that the office used.

The findings also disclosed that the Office of the Registrar employees is not well coordinated, thus there is a need to harmonize and spirit of synergy must be developed among the employees. Majority of the respondents also disclosed non-accessibility and non-availability of the requested services which imply a need for all employees to attend seminars on values formation or crushed course on public ethics, understanding of the principle “Public Office is a Public Trust” and a need of management intervention in the absence of the concerned employee. The findings of the non-continuity of services to be provided was disclosed because of the non-compliance on some of the provisions of the Anti-Red Tape Act Law especially on “NO NOON BREAK POLICY” and some employees acted as if the office is their personal property where they could deliver services with respect to their mood.  Moreover results revealed that employees seemingly don’t understand their accountability towards their clientele.  This implies that many seems to be having a high pride and they refused to think about  their accountability.

The findings of undecided response on some of the indicators in the level of satisfaction. It can be deduced that the services provided by the employees of the office of the registrar were not taken with sincere commitment. In fact no effort even to put solution to the reality brought by unavoidable technology difficulties in the campus. Moreover, these also imply that most probably the registrar office to improve their services needs additional manpower to cope up with the demand of work to be done in said office in releasing papers such as certificates, transcript of record etc., considering the number of graduates every semester. The findings revealed also that on the perceived problems encountered by the Office of the Registrar, very glaring of which is organizational management issues, subordinate’s personal behaviour and operational issues.

Lastly, it is highly recommended to revisit office structure, system and operational policy of the MSU-Registrar’s Office because the study has disclosed that there is really a need to improve their services to be able to implement policy reforms agenda.

Keywords: Satisfaction, Services Provided, Implications for Policy Reform, Enhance and Enrich the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Providing Services

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