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· Volume III Issue I


The study confirmed that solidarity or engagement under Psychological First Aid helps the learners lessen stress due to COVID 19 pandemic. The researchers conducted Focus Group Discussion that gathers information by gathering data from 12 learners of different strands and grade level. There are two discussions facilitated, the pre-interview that focused on what the learners encounter during pandemic, and the post interview after organizing activities. Majority of the students believe that pandemic have caused a lot of stress either in academic or in daily basis. Most students are affected in different aspects such as academically, financially, and emotionally.

The learners believe that lockdown and quarantines brought a lot of changes in how to interact with the others. The researchers proposed programs of actions that will assist the students and reduce stress. The investigators utilize the use of technology as means of promoting interaction among the learners to their family, friends, and community. This study will be a great help to the stakeholders apply the Psychological First Aid to improve the methods on handling the students of Pantalan Senior High School. This will help the parents understand that guiding the students is not just about teaching subject area but promote positivity in life. 


In June 2018, Republic Act no. 11036 known as Philippine Mental Health Act was implemented to ensure mental-health care in the Philippines. It seeks to integrate mental health into the educational system by promoting programs in schools and other organizations related to mental health. According to Puyat (2021) 8.9% of young Filipino adults are living with moderate to severe depressive symptoms, with female having disproportionate shares of burden than males. People having moderate to severe symptoms are mostly individuals with less education and people who have been in a separated family.

Due to COVID ’19 pandemic, Philippines imposed lockdowns on different areas of the country, students tend to study at home that makes their stress level higher because of loss contact to their friends and classmates.  Hence, it is evident to portray the essence of solidarity in addressing stress which is the root of the mental health problems through the connectivity of the students within the family and community.

Department of Education (DepEd) implemented the Psychological First Aid (PFA) modules as a medical care to overcome the mental illness due to traumatic experiences of an individual. Under the PFA program is Engagement, which promotes connectivity among family members, friends and relatives. Being connected with someone can help to release their stress. Having solidarity in solving stress is a big help in making the students feel that they are not alone which is important in coping stress. Strengthening these aspects and discovering more strategies to deal with stress can lead us to have an effective and a healthy education system.

In this study, the researchers aim to determine the Role of Solidarity in Addressing Stress Due to Covid 19 outbreaks among Pantalan Senior High School Students. Due to this pandemic, students drop from their studies in line with this problem. They deem to assess and seek concrete plans in order for the students to cope up with the stress amidst pandemic. Moreover, they will focus on improving the relationship of every student among their family, school and even in the community because they are quite certain that these factors play an important role on every being of the students.

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