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Orlando C. Maube Jr.; Marcela M. Sanchez; Mikhael Dennise V. Malabanan;
Ma. Desalyn A. Lopez; Kristine G. Concepcion; Angelica A. Rodriguez

· Volume IV Issue IV


Only a few of the reasons why the proponents are conducting this feasibility study are to revolutionize the use of Kakawati extract, which has been neglected for many years, and to share and publicize its beneficial properties for human skin. Most people suffer from various skin problems such as acne, pimples, skin rashes, and insect bites because they believed that these skin irritants could only be cured by expensive luxurious skin remedies, not realizing that an ordinary tropical tree is not so ordinary after all, and that it can actually help them to cure their skin irritations organically and without the use of expensive luxurious skin remedies. Study shows that Kakawati has anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungi, insecticidal, and insect repellant properties. These properties were scientifically proven to help cure the abovementioned skin problems. Using Kakawati infused soap and lotion will help cure and smoothens the skin while protecting it from pesky insect bites. This study shows that Reverso Kakawati Body Soap and Lotion has a potential market in the vicinity of Lian Batangas that support the claims of the proponents for this study to be feasible.