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· Volume IV Issue I

This study aimed to determine the research competencies of the teachers which became the basis for the formulation of school learning action cell training program. It used descriptive design using researcher-made questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument and 67 randomly selected senior high school teachers of Lemery Senior High School as respondents. Weighted mean, t-test and ANOVA were the statistical tools used in the study. Based on the findings, most of the teachers have an age ranging from 26-30 years old, female, finished college degree, has 0-4 years of teaching, and under academic track. The teachers assessed themselves as slightly competent in identifying problems, formulating related literature, designing ways in data collection, and summarizing data. There is no significant difference noted on the level of research competencies when grouped according to age, sex, number of years in teaching, strand, and highest educational attainment. However, there is a significant difference in the level of research competencies when grouped according to track. Challenges such as time constraints in doing research, lack of interest and motivation to pursue research and insufficient research paper samples, and lack of background in writing educational research are in least extent. A school-based training program was proposed to enhance teacher’s research competencies.

Keywords: Teachers’ Research Competencies, School Learning Action Cell, Training Program, Senior High School, Research Training Program