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· Volume II Issue III

“Be like candle that consumes itself just to give light to others”. These words are one of the most inspiring word I have heard when I am still in the tertiary education, and still it inspires me whenever I feel down in the teaching profession.

In my more than three years in the Department of Education, there are things that enables me to continue and make the best of me when I am challenge in the process of nurturing young minds. These are my sources of strength and inspiration to move forward no matter what happen.

God is the first enabler of passion that I have. I find peace and compassion in his words, by reading it whenever I feel sinking. Believing in God’s plan and purpose that he made as an educator to contribute fully to the development of learners. I also believe that God gives us challenges to make us stronger, thus challenges in the process are just spices of life and it make things beautiful. I can still remember when I almost give up due to the attitudes of learners nowadays, but praying and asking God’s guidance and blessing enabled me to move forward and soar higher as a teacher.

I can move and climb mountains for my family. My family and friends are my second enablers. They are my motivating factor. They have been there since day one of my career. I consider them as y enable because whenever I encounter difficulty nor hardship in my profession they cheer me up. They keep on encouraging me to do my best in teaching. Their presence is indeed a sunshine and a comfort in my gloomy days. In times of not believing and loosing self-confidence they share kind words and it helps me a lot to gain strength. They are my inspiration and my source of strength that is why I am still in the field of teaching.

I can still remember when I was about to enter the College of Education at Isabela State University, Cabagan Campus, the interviewer ask me why I chose teaching. I answered; it is because I want to teach children, it has been my dream and my passion. Yes my third enablers are my learners and the community, I have promised that whener I will be given the chance to teach I will always think of the welfare of my learners. And I am proud to say that this is still my slogan, to give the best for my learners because they are the very reason why I am accomodated in the Department of Education. Establishing good rapport and harmonious relationship is indeed a very good idea to enable us to cater the best for our learners. The unending support of the community also enables my passion in teaching well. Thinking possible program to help and elevate lives in the society. At this moment I am driven-passionately that made this Project CARE (Community Awareness Responsibility and Empowerment) this project is currenty on going to help everyone in preserving and making the environment sustainable. This was made possible because of the passion burning in me to help the learners and community.

Be the best I can. This line is always at the top of my mind everytime I do a task. Recognition and awards are also thing that I consider as enablers. I consider awards and recognition as prizes in doing great in the field. I should be honest this (award) will help me to be more confident and I know I could use them in the future.

It is my dream to be notable and exceptional in every learner that I encounter. I want to be remember as; Productive, Effective, Inspiring, Passionate and Well-Rounded. Productive in the sense that, with my teachings I can be at help in producing the best in them. Getting good results in every tasks that I do especially in the teaching and learning process. Effective in all ways. Attaining objectives that are set and of course the learners will remember how good I am in making things easier. My stories (personal and professional) inspired them to be best they can. It will be my joy if my learners were motivated by my story and they have reflected on it in order to grasp their dreams and ambitions. I want also to be remembered as an educated in may different things. And being so, they will remember me in introducing new ideas example in integrating ideas across learning areas. Most importantly I want to be recalled as a Passionate teacher, that no matter how negative the environment is, I am still on the track in teaching and imparting knowledge. They will remember my strong desire to enculcate skills and knowledge for their own sake.

There are three things I want to do in order to ensure quality and passion in my teaching are: Focus on results/ outcomes by giving quality inputs to my learners, Be more compassionate in the teaching process and reflect at all times. The first one is I should focus on results/ outcomes by giving quality inputs to my learners, well how will I do this? By simply planning and preparing well the Daily Lesson Log, Instructional Materials, activities and making activities that will develop their Higher Order Thinking Skills. Planning well is indeed a great help in achieving good results and outcomes. Be more compassionate in the teaching process. Yes! Our love in teaching will emulate in the teaching process but always be reminded the our learners must be the foundation of love in the teaching process. Show concern and care to our learners so that if they will feel that love the Return of Investment will be there. They will be more active and participative and this will ignite the fire in them. Lastly, I would like to Reflect at all times. Reflect everyday, ask the question; what more I can do to improve myself for the betterment of my learners?. Yes this will help me to adjust and make remedies just to cater what my learners need. I want to be a teacher that sees the positive in the group of negative.

Find the source of light in you and be passionate enough in this profession!