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· Volume IV Issue III

Perhaps, you will agree with me if I say that the COVID 19 pandemic that we experienced and still experiencing is the greatest challenge that the modern world and humanity have encountered to date.

This challenge has brought significant changes to everyone’s life and prostrated economies of several countries and ushered the closure of schools worldwide.

Never in our wildest imagination that schools will be closed for a long time, for few months or more…, the busy and noisy surroundings of energetic learners took their longest day off…

However, the schools closure paved way to some innovations that we never thought that we are capable of. The situation gave birth to what we call now, distance or remote learning. The pandemic actually thaught us to be more creative and resourceful, moreso it taught it that to make life move forward we can make use of the meager and scarce resources which are available. This tested the efficiency and made the internet the most crucial part of everyone’s life.

In our country, the Philippines for example: we introduced the blended distance learning, wherein we gave options to our learnERS on which modality suits them best… we offered online and modular modalities and even a combination of both.

And I am congratulating everyone for a job well done in the past years. We did it! We made the impossible, possible amidst the threat of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, not every learner was able to cope up with the distance learning. Some made the situation meaningful but some were not able to get by with the situation due to some unavoidable circumstances and reasons we are not in control.

Now as we face the world after the height of covid 19, the thing we called NEW NORMAL… we are about to face another great challenge… as the schools reopen… the challenge is what we are going to do with the aftermath of the pandemic specifically in the education sector.

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