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Gemma M. Jovida

· Volume I Issue IV

This study assessed the effectiveness of installation and implementation of school reading program used in eradicating the slow and non-reader. This was a descriptive study designed to evaluate the status as it was in schools. A close ended survey questionnaire was used to collect data from a 16 primary teachers. Data analyzed using the weighted mean and ranking to describe the current status of the school reading program. The study concludes that there is a recommendation to amend on the understanding procedures of the program, using ICT strategies and efficacy of choice of words. The results also pointed out that there is a significant impact in the reading ability among the pupils who were given intervention through reading program. The scope of this research is the improvement of school reading program use as intervention among slow readers and non-readers in Sta. Maria Elementary School. The research study conducted was supported by modules/worksheets. It values every learner’s need as detected to enhance their reading ability as shown in the results and discussion. The research is heuristic for it serves as tool to help the detected pupils improved their ability to read.

Keywords: Enhancement, Eradicate, Frustration, Impact, Improvement, Intervention, Modules, Non-Reader, Procedure, Reading Ability, Reading Program, Strategy and Worksheets