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Dessa L. Nepomuceno; Janine C. Molave; Melvin D. Malabanan; Jake B. Bojo

· Volume IV Issue IV


The QR Code-Based Health Monitoring System with GSM Module used a tripod turnstile gate with a QR code scanner, a database management system, and a disinfectant chamber to help ensure the safety of every individual who enters the institution. The turnstile has a wiper motor and a relay that sends force to the tripod, causing it to move. This capstone project includes a website application that allows visitors and guardians who wish to visit the institution to generate a QR code by providing basic contact information. A website application will also have an administrator who will monitor the data and take charge of printing QR codes and adding information about students, staff, and faculty. This capstone project has a temperature scanner that is equipped with a MLX90614 IR sensor, which allows the user to scan their body temperature before entering the institution and will be saved automatically in the database. The scanned temperature and other basic information about the user are displayed on a 17-inch PC monitor. If the temperature exceeds 37.2 degrees Celsius, the user is not allowed to enter and will have to wait for about five minutes to rescan again. This capstone uses application programming interface (API) that notifies the parents and guardians of the student at each entry and exit. GSM is also used to send a short message service (SMS) notification to the staff if the disinfectant level exceeds its limit. After scanning a QR code and passing through the tripod turnstile gate, the user positions themselves opposite the passive ultrasonic sensor, which detects movement and sends a signal to the motor misting pump, which mists and disinfects a person.