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Pelo, Franz Andrei A.

Manalo, Lordy Christian D.

Mercado, Leandro Alonzo

Molave, Gian C.

Tangaro, Miel Andrei A.

Venzon, Von Justine A.

Balayan Senior High School

· Volume V Issue IV


The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a wind-powered water pump prototype designed to mitigate water scarcity in agricultural settings. By utilizing wind energy to propel water from a source to fields, the prototype provides an eco-friendly substitute for conventional diesel or electric pumps. The design process encompassed several key steps, namely material selection, blade pattern optimization, and mechanical component integration to achieve maximum performance. In addition, the prototype incorporates a resilient mechanism designed to regulate the water's flow and pressure. Notwithstanding the favorable outcomes observed in the experimental trials across diverse wind conditions, the system's cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness render it feasible for small-scale producers. This water pump prototype is propelled by wind blades the way for future renewable energy technology research and development. This is achieved through the facilitation of water accessibility for individuals and the promotion of environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.