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Jhon Rick B. Leonzon

Sophia D. Bayungan

Jana Andrea A. De la Vega

Ma. Jane Lariz P. Manalo

Uriz Jenel C. Manalo

Balayan Senior High School

· Volume V Issue IV


Amidst the urgent call for diversifying energy sources and the escalating demand for electricity, hydropower emerges as a promising solution, especially in rural areas grappling with power supply challenges. In these regions challenged by inadequate electricity access and poorly illuminated streets, traditional street lighting solutions often fall short. There are operational benefits of hydropower such as not needing any “ramp up” time usually taken by combustion technologies and its ability to respond quickly to changes in demand. Hydropower ensures reliable electric service because it has high load following capability, peaking capacity and voltage stability thereby meeting consumers’ expectations in market driven industry. This research introduces an innovative hydropower approach to address this challenge by harnessing the kinetic energy of flowing water within water system pipes for street lighting. A prototype hydropower system is developed, incorporating a turbine and a dynamo crafted from recycled materials to capture and convert water flow energy into electrical power. Through meticulous experimentation and analysis, this study highlights the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating hydropower-based street lighting, presenting a promising solution for illuminating underserved areas and tackling energy supply challenges.