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Mohon Elementary School

· Volume V Issue III


Science is a way of organizing what we already know and learning more through experiments. Science allows learners to explore their world and discover new things. It is also an active subject, containing activities such as hands-on labs and experiments. This makes science well-suited to active younger children. Science is an important part of the foundation for education for all children.

To enhance the learning ability and interest of learners in teaching Science, Mohon Elementary School teachers performed their duties and responsibilities to enhance learners' ability and explore their minds in the wonderful world of science. Everyday, science is considered a busy day and it was a fun and exciting day for our learners. Different materials were assigned to them before the day of activities.

With this, Project MARSE aims to improve the ability of learners to perform different activities in science. It helps the learners to be more participative and understand the objective of the day. It also caters learner's ability to broaden their knowledge and become more familiar with the lesson.

Project MARSE will strengthen the teacher’s capability to teach and assess the learner's needs in performing and experimenting with different activities. This will inspire learners to do better the next day as they become motivated. Tracking their own progress will help them appreciate their own capacity as they are being guided to become more and more efficient in performing their task.

Keywords: Science, Project MARSE, Innovation



One of the most important components of life for everyone is learning science. It imparts the knowledge and abilities that are necessary for our survival. However, a lot of youngsters find science to be a dull topic. Some young people believe that science is one of the hardest topics in school. Kids therefore tend to avoid concentrating on science lessons. To meet the needs of each learner, the teachers gave a variety of exercises and experiments. Project MARSE was created to suit the demands of the students in carrying out various tasks that will improve their understanding of science.

Science is also regarded as one of the key disciplines that helps students develop their critical thinking skills and their ability to lead and cooperate in a group.

Project MARSE is anchored from Localized Hand soap out of mixed h2o and malunggay, which was implemented during the school year when target learners were given time to become more productive by making soap. This soap also helps maintain the cleanliness of the learners, to fight germs/bacteria and most of all, it helps the school to have localized soap which is made up of malunggay extract which is budget-friendly. With proper coordination to our Wins Coordinator, the localized hand soap can be used by the learners during their hand washing schedule. This project was also adopted by all science teachers of Mohon Elementary School.

The project intends to give support to the learners in the primary and intermediate levels in terms of their physical cleanliness through hand washing. Their ability, skills, talent, and creativity were observed. Doing the localized hand soap finds an interesting to every learner.

Learners find enjoyment while learning to make the localized hand soap.

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