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· Volume III Issue III


Teenage pregnancies, which are often associated with issues of social development such as lack of sufficient education and poverty, had been a worldwide issue. Teenage pregnancies may result in a single parenthood which has raised large numbers of campaigns and awareness of its occurrence to lessen. It will not only catalyze conditions that render mothers irresponsible, it also catalyzes that carries social stigma. Teenage pregnancies in the Philippines increased last year. In fact, one of every young Filipino women aged of 15 to 19 is already a mother or pregnant with a first child. It is for this objective that government has partnered with different multi-governmental organizations to take efforts to reduce this issue (Salvador et at, 2016). Teenage 

Pregnancy has serious implications for the health of adolescent girls. Among physical issues, teens are at a higher risk of pregnancy related to body conformity and physical appearance associated with poor self-care commonly associated with sociology-economic status. 

Similarly, emotional difficulties affect teenage mothers derived from a number of emotional health conditions triggered by the rigors of dealing with  their child with other people. The rate for 2016 based on the Philippine statistics authority showed that the page is 10.08 million for adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 years old. Population this size could be status, Alarming depending on government and private sector capacity to provide services to its people and generate enough jobs to keep people out of poverty (Domingo, 2019). 

There have been reasons why teenagers become pregnant based on the observation and informal interview of Barangay Putat Nasugbu, Batangas residents. Socioeconomic reasons ranged from lack of education broken Family, sexually active, financial problem, parents adverse to the relationship. Teenage pregnancy may include the mood swings, anxiety, depression, anxiety, concentrating difficulty, eating problems, sleeping issues and depressions. 

As a midwife student who already performs as a midwife in rural health, detailed at Barangay Putat Nasugbu Batangas, the researcher met with a lots of teenage mothers who have different types of physical and emotional issues. Since the target population as a rural health midwife is under the care of the researcher, it was found that barangay Putat Nasugbu Batangas have more teenage mothers than any other barangays, she deemed it useful to undertake this study.

The study result shows that there is a significant difference in the perceived effects of teenage pregnancy in physical and emotional healthwith regards to age, civil status, educational attainment and occupation of the teenager respondents. It is also shown that there is a significant relationship between perceived effects on physical health and emotional health of teenage pregnancy hence, the researcher made the proposed physical and emotional health plan to enhance the awareness of teenage pregnancy.