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“Parental Feedback: Whys and Wherefores”


The ultimate reason for understanding change is to fulfill common reason and shared understanding.

1. Parents’ feedback is essential and efficient in promoting unity, camaraderie and solidarity between schools and parents.
2. This gives the parents the opportunity to voice out their opinion, suggestion and observation about the whole governance and management of the school.
3. Asking parent’s views on school issues on a regular basis can lead them to communicate or offer help in other ways too. This can benefit the school in many ways like volunteering, fund raising, attending meetings, etc.
4. It is vital in planning and designing appropriate strategies to address the problem or even improve the educational system. Issues previously experienced will be clarified which will result to a positive parent-school collaboration and relationship.
5. It avoids misunderstanding between teachers and parents in terms of disciplinary actions, teaching strategies and approaches.

6. Parents who participated in giving feedback are mere likely to understand and support any particular approaches and projects that are being used in school and will support these strategies in community.
7. A school-parent pact demonstrates a commitment by schools and parents to improve students’ academic performance. The more intensively involved the parents are, the greater the positive impact in academic achievement.
8. Parents’ accurate, honest and responsible feedback highly influences their children’s perception of school, which, in turn, positively contribute to students’ academic, social, and emotional learning. Being asked their opinions can help this positive perception.
9. It destroys the barriers between the parents and the school towards good leadership and successful educational towards effective learning.
10. Parents’ feedback can help the teachers to know what specific strategy to do in order to interact with different kinds of learners who have diverse needs, problems and issues.