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Abellera, Herman H., Arroyo, Rosalie G., Credito, John Marco B.,

Dela Vega, Kaye Avery M., Garcia, Maria Hiedee H.,

Villaviray, Johnsen C.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Operations Management

· Volume V Issue III


This feasibility study explores the potential market viability and economic viability of introducing a Pinoy Egg Drop Sandwich. The concept combines traditional Filipino flavors with a modern twist, creating a unique and innovative culinary experience. The Pinoy Egg Drop Sandwich features a fusion of local ingredients. The study commences with a summary of the current food market trends, emphasizing the growing demand for innovative and culturally inspired dishes. Subsequently, it delves into the unique aspects of Pinoy Egg Drop Sandwich, highlighting its ingredients, preparation methods, and flavor profiles that resonate with the Filipino palate. A comprehensive market analysis is conducted to identify the target demographic, consumer preferences, and potential competitors. This includes surveys, interviews, and data collection to measure the interest and acceptance of the Pinoy Egg Drop Sandwich among potential customers. The research also evaluates the operational aspects, including the required resources, equipment, and staffing. The Pinoy Egg Drop Sandwich comes up with five different Filipino dishes such as chicken pastil, pork adobo, caldereta, picadillo and fish fillet. Each sandwich consists of pandesal or salted bread as it’s based, scrambled egg, kernel corn, onion leeks and sauce. Cost projections and revenue forecasts are analyzed to determine the financial viability and return on investment for prospective entrepreneurs or existing food establishments considering the introduction of this new menu item. Furthermore, the study considers potential challenges and risks associated with the implementation of the Pinoy Egg Drop Sandwich concept and it proposes strategic solutions to mitigate the mentioned obstacles. The feasibility study aims to provide valuable insights and data to assist entrepreneurs, investors, and food industry stakeholders in making informed decisions regarding the introduction and integration of the Pinoy Egg Drop Sandwich to the market. Based on the expo and upon conducting interview on 20 respondents the proponents can conclude that the business is feasible and profitable.