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· Volume IV Issue I

A nation's life does not depend on its land,

The people’s heart is what can make the nation grand.

As they say, hope always dies the last,

A spark in one's heart is enough to create a new path, one that is vast.


Our homeland, batten and bruised by its history,

Our homeland, hurt and maimed by calamity.

Yet a song of redemption was sung, there was newfound hope, unbreakable by anyone,

Thus, a new day for the country began.


Diseases and typhoons may take our lives and land,

But we are the proud children of our motherland,

So, we still hold firm, hoping and fighting for a new tomorrow,

For we are the people of blue, red, and yellow.


We could never be taken down; however, we may be torn apart, battling against each other,

And our differences could tear us from within, but our battles will not last forever.

Behind all our differences is the same history, same culture,

And without the reminder of the past, we cannot face the future.