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· Volume IV Issue IV

In the summer’s golden enfold we met,

A ball of destiny, a love we'll never forget,

Underneath the warm sun and gentle rays,

Our hearts enlace in an enthusiastic haze.


Under the starlit sky, we shared our dreams,

Rumored promises, as real as they seemed,

Together, we wandered through fields of gold,

Where summer's love story so fabulously unfolds.


Neath the moon's soft light, we thieved kisses,

Lost in each other's arms, pure blisses,

The incense of flowers lingered in the air,

As summer love embraced us, so rare.


Times were consumed in laughter, endless fun,

Splashing in the ocean, basking in the sun,

Building sandcastles, our love built on sand,

But in that moment, it felt grand.


But as summer waned, so did our affair,

The bittersweet ending, the heartache we share,

Though our paths may part, our memories won't fade,

For in that summer love, a piece of us is forever made.