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· Volume II Issue IV

A quarter had passed, isn’t it worth celebrating? Yes, in my own point of view it is indeed an achievement. Who would have thought that we have come this far? The teachers are now continuing to act as front liners in the field of education. They are not seen along the roads and in schools, but they are not hiding. They continue fighting for the benefits of their students and family. Their houses are used as shields in this battle against the unseen villain. Indeed, this is the New Normal. The postponement of the opening of classes last June, 2020 suggested that something is not really normal. After being in the Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine, educators had various perspectives on what ought to be done in education. Others may prefer to have academic freeze, but the majority are optimistic that the Pandemic shall not be the opposing element for the classes not to be pursued. Same is true with the rest of the politicians. As it was decided by the president and DepEd officials that the school opening would be moved to October, the teachers were engaged in so many virtual trainings and seminars for the purpose of learning the different platforms that could be used  in preparation for the new setup in education. These were all free; however, teachers have to secure stable internet connection not to mention the availability of gadgets that could be used to communicate and as a major tool for the teaching-learning process.

For the teachers who are not so “techie”, the New Normal is more challenging for them compared to those who are digitally advanced. There was an exchange of mentoring and technical coaching in all places. If in the normal setup, seasoned teachers taught new teachers about their expertise in the classroom management and teaching techniques, this time it is the other way around. Millennial  teachers in the different teaching disciplines were the ones to help some seasoned teachers to learn the numerous online teaching platforms.

Some teachers also have a hard time to secure the so-called “conducive place” where they can teach quietly and deliver the lesson smoothly to the learners. This is because of the different factors that teachers have to deal with. It could be that their house is not so spacious, and many members of the family are also having online classes, the insensitive neighbors who are always having fun with singing in the videoke, the noise of some domesticated animals, and the  neighbors’ children playing outside the house. There are some challenges that teachers need to face as they pursue to maintain the quality of teaching, they can provide for the learners. Despite of all the odds, the teachers stand still and determined to do everything just to guide the learning process of the students. Nothing can put down the burning desire of a teacher to impart knowledge and to unlock students’ potentials.  The New Normal definitely brings discomfort, anxiety, and changes to the normal life of the teachers. But educators have so much to offer. They are flexible, dynamic, resourceful, and resilient. They are teachers. Our heroes in the Education System in the Philippines. This proves that teachers are undoubtedly professionals and are committed to the mission   which they have pledged their oath for.