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· Volume III Issue I

In my part as teacher, especially this pandemic time, I proved myself that not always the effect of bad situations is negative, in this new normal set up many good things happened, thou most of the teachers are tired, stress, pressured, sometimes I do not know what really the first thing to do hence, super dami ng mga dapat gawin, but in the end here I am…. still kicking, still fighting…still moving on…and still ready to face another new challenges in life.  

Teachers are really flexible, adjustable, movable, lahat na po ata na pag aadjust ay nasa teacher, and that makes a teacher a HERO, WONDER WOMAN/SUPERMAN and many other superheroes that I can be. A lot of struggle, teacher’s encountered every day during this pandemic, difficulties not only on how to reach out all the students I have, to find ways on how to sustain quality education in spite of this different modalities that we have, sabayan pa ng lack of learning resources, delay delivery of modules to those pure modular, mayat-mayang pagbabago ng mga programs and implemented projects…. but teacher’s never give up! Here we are still STANDING, then all of those problems encountered were finally given the best solution not only for teacher benefit but most of all for the good of our students.

In this new normal, all my KINDNESS was poured, my patience was stretched out to the maximum level, I was able to adjust and adjust for the students to cope up with what they really need with respect to the teaching/learning process. Kulang na lang lumuhod ka at magmakaawa na “please do your part/task/responsibility for you to pass the subject”. In conducting the home visitation with the school project that we named “Project SAGIP '' Students Assistants, Guidance and Intervention Programs to those students who have lapses in submitting their outputs, and who are lagging behind in their weekly performances. There, we really amazed the actual situations of the students, upon knowing and witnessing the different difficulties, struggles that they were experiencing, like no electricity, to comply the required output some of them are using candle especially those students who are in mountainous area, no cellphone to be used intended for schooling most of them are just borrowing from their Papa/Mama/Ate/ Kuya/Tita who are working then the time that they are home, also the time that student can do their activities, no/very poor internet connection, so what they did asking their neighbors to tap/connect the internet, the other are striving to sustain their daily needs in order to eat three times a day, there are many trials and hardships that the students also encountered in this pandemic era, that is why if you have STANDARD AS A TEACHER, I should say that PLEASE down your boundaries, ito lang pandemic na ito. I also very much appreciated the project of SDO-Rizal which is “Project AKAP” Anak Kumusta Ang Pag-aaral Mo, in which all teachers in Rizal province diligently conducted the home visitation. Iba po kase if personal na makakausap at makikita mo ang totoong kalagayan ng isang mag aaral nakakapanlumo, dagdag pa ang lumalaganap na karamdaman na marami din sa mga mag aaral ang nakaranas ng sakit na coronavirus sa pamilya nila. Therefore, as a teacher I need to totally adjust and understand the present situations for the welfare of both students and teachers. Likewise, in spite of those battles that students and teachers encountered in this pandemic, it is worth it…because I am happy and excited to see my advisory class that all of them will graduate this pandemic time. 

As a Subject Group Head, so blessed to have my teachers in the assigned strand (ABM) Accountancy Business and Management. I served just as “Leader is a good follower” when they observe that you as leader are working/doing your part, keep on reminding them and giving clear instructions at the same time HELPING them with respect to their professional development/growth so, they will do the same. Good camaraderie was established in this pandemic time, andiyan ‘yong virtual at maya’t-mayang emergency LAC session, tawanan…. teasing each other in a gentle way just for fun…helping each other, nakakatuwa and that makes our pandemic experiences memorable. Coaching and mentoring was done successfully, all of ABM teachers diligently comply with the required two COT’s for RPMS this time of pandemic.

A greatest achievement/reward for me as a teacher is to see/watch that my students finish their studies and become successful in their genuine/unique life in the future. So, even though, pagod, stress, go ka lang TEACHER, for you are molding a new generation which is much more powerful, responsible, effective, value oriented in the future. Thankful that I am a teacher……LABAN LANG PALAGI!