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Baluyot, Krizha S., Andulan, Klein Arman H., Arzobal, Joice Philip B.,

Goc-ong, Crismarinel G., Magpantay, Chairmane T.,

Vinuya, Marianne Nicole D.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Operations Management

· Volume V Issue III


This feasibility study looks into the possibilities of Mr. Proffee, a coffee-based protein shake, with the preceding goals of altering the coffee market, raising health and fitness awareness, and supporting local coffee manufacturers. Mr. Proffee seeks to gain a thorough understanding of customer preferences and market dynamics by utilizing a mixed research methodology that combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The chosen target site for Mr. Proffee's business venture is Balayan, Batangas, recognized for its strategic location conducive to business growth. As one of the first-class municipalities in the province of Batangas, Balayan boasts a high concentration of prospective clients. The study also explores potential collaborations with fitness influencers or wellness communities to enhance brand visibility and credibility. Mr. Proffee's product line consists of Banana Protein Shake, Oats Protein Shake, and Iced Coffee, which comes in tempting flavors like salted caramel, black roast, and mocha latte. Offering three different sizes (22 oz, 16 oz, and 12 oz), Mr. Proffee starts at a low price of fifty pesos and offers a flexible range to meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers. The study highlights the importance of Whey protein shakes for staying hydrated and protecting general health, highlighting Mr. Proffee's dedication to offering a healthy and practical beverage alternative. Market research reveals a growing consumer trend towards health-conscious choices, indicating a potential demand for a coffee-infused protein shake. The proponents present Mr. Proffee as a feasible study that is ready to have a beneficial effect on the market, with an emphasis on offering the general population a healthier option.