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Mother Loves Me

Geremi Allauigan

· Volume I Issue IV

When I was a young boy
all I ever see is mom
she was always there for me
and she never left me

We had only a simple life
We live in their family house
since that I am an illegitimate child
mom taught me to be good and kind

Within each day of my life
I see my mom strive harder
She never let others to hurt me
She gave everything to me

She showed me how to be compassionate
She taught me how to work hard and survive
She introduce me to our Savior and his Doctrines
She always push me to aim for the best

My early age was really full of loved and emotions
Having no dad in our life makes us tough
Sometimes I caught my mom crying
I know it's hard for her but she's really trying

Trying to make things right
Trying to provide everything
Trying to divide her time for me
Trying to do father's role to me

Having a loving mom makes you feel safe
It gives you a feeling of toughness
She will open your eyes to righteousness
above all she always wanted you to be better

Having a mom like her is one of the best gift in my life
I maybe an illegitimate child but I never felt being left
though gathered is not here by our side
I know that my dear mother loves me