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Madrid, Lia Rea Janine T., De Mesa, Adrian M., De Mesa, Christian Hanz Matthew B.,

De Mesa, Janine A., Delos Reyes, Ashley Judd V.,

Julongbayan, Analyn F.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Operations Management

· Volume V Issue III


Montagna is a mini bar that serves tomato wine, a considerably healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. The purpose of this study is to lessen the negative effects of consuming alcoholic beverages while also developing an innovative product. Tomato wine is made from ripe tomatoes, sugar, yeast, and lemon and will be fermented for 21 days. Since this study requires numerical data, the researchers used the quantitative research method. The proponents utilize Google Forms to distribute survey questionnaires to individuals living around the Municipality of Balayan in order to collect data, the total number of respondents is 40. The researchers created advertising strategies that were beneficial to the business. The marketing strategies will catch the clients' interest and attention. Additionally, the researchers offered dishes that go well with wine, such as nachos and BBQ. One bottle of Tomato wine which is 750ml costs ₱285, one order of nachos costs ₱35, and one stick of BBQ costs ₱25. The proponents also emphasized the importance of providing people with opportunities for employment in order to improve the community. Also, in an effort to strengthen the local economy, this study will persuade consumers to try to buy locally-produced goods. The business will operate six times a week in a strategic area that is commonly visited by the target customers following the study. In addition, the proponents offered various estimated financial statements to predict the company's profitability. For conclusion, Montagna's competitive edge lies in its unique brand identity, being the first to offer wine made from tomatoes, setting it apart from competitors. Successful marketing techniques, as evidenced by a sold-out product at a feasibility expo, contribute to its marketability. The management aspect reflects proficient organization with a general partnership structure, while the operation aspect emphasizes a well-planned work schedule and eco-friendly practices. The socio-economic impact highlights corporate social responsibility, indicating potential benefits for both the local community and the Municipality of Balayan in the future. The proponents recommend that the business develop additional marketing strategies and implement more sales promotions. Expanding promotional efforts will help the business attract a larger customer base. Also, the proponents must make sure that the product will be approved by the FDA. Expanding the workforce in the future to enhance operational efficiency and productivity, offering additional training to employees. The company should invest in acquiring additional and larger containers and equipment in the upcoming years to streamline and enhance production and fermentation processes to enhance its production. Moreover, the business should consider allocating additional financial resources to facilitate future expansions, particularly as it garners a broader customer base and extends its presence to various locations. Lastly, proponents recommend that the business enhance its corporate social responsibility initiatives within the community to gain additional advantages. Based on the study's general findings, the proponents came to the conclusion that Montagna is feasible.