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Metamorphic Change

Gina D. Mendoza

A process of biological change brought us to the triumphant school of excellence. Following the systematic steps, BECS transforms abruptly throughout the stages of development. From a simple look, BECS evolves like a beautiful creature, with wings which can fly as high as the soaring eagle representing the unity of the school and the community.

A glimpse of competitive look, accommodating ambiance, coated walls, reconstructed facilities and invigorating climate can be observed in the winning aura of Balayan East Central School.

BECS prioritized repair, construction and acquisition of material resources within the vicinity of the school. The school administrator, teachers, PTA officers and parents carefully examined and observed the idle parts of the school area to maximize it for educational purposes.

Some were the newly constructed BECS landmark, pathway of excellence, renovated facilities including auxiliary rooms, repainted walls and buildings, eye capturing gardens, ecological science park, well-organized gulayan and other accomplishments. The NGO’s private sectors, different organizations, business sectors, parents and volunteers extended a helping hand and ignited to improve the cradle of education through the spirit of “bayanihan” and volunteerism.

Definitely, BECS can reach the renown of BE’s advocacy in leading the way to the undying service for excellence, BECS is now ready to be part of the history and to sustain its legacy.