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Math Class Schedule and Seventh Grade Students’ Mathematical Achievement in
Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation, Inc: A Comparative Study

Jacquilyn C. Musni

· Volume I Issue I


The objective of this study is to compare the mathematical achievement of the Grade 7 students in terms of their math class schedule. To attain this objective, the researcher used a sample of 6 sections with 45 students each and grouped them into three: Group 1, 2 and 3 with math time before recess, after recess and after lunch, respectively. The researcher used the students’ grades to quantify their mathematical achievement. The data was collected, tabulated and analysed. Through the results of Analysis of Variance (AnOVa), significant difference on their academic achievement was found. The results of Z-test indicate that Group 2 and 3 showed no significant difference and the group with math time scheduled before recess brought the significant difference. The results had implied that class schedule might affect the academic achievement of the students in Mathematics. This study recommended for the school administrators and principals further give attention and focus to class scheduling as it can affect the achievement of the students and for further studies focusing on to what extent can class schedule affect students’ performance.

Keywords: Math, Class Schedule, Mathematics Performance, Mathematics Achievement.