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· Volume IV Issue I

Then suddenly the world change.

MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health) deemed to be the laboratory of all subject is comprised with mostly performance tasks based on the Curriculum guide. When the pandemic hit globally, our educational system made a bold move of choosing only the most essential competencies, thus the birth of Most Essential Competencies.

There are varied, wide and countless activities missed during the pandemic. Tasks in each component mostly require the use of physical body. The culminating activity held every end of a component in each quarter was no longer staged. Games held in the classroom and inter-class were no longer observed. Musical plays, folk dancing, art tasks, cheer dance and contemporary dances were no longer taught in gymnasiums. Students no longer showcase their concerted efforts to demonstrate what they have learned in the topics discussed.

Suddenly, teaching MAPEH changed in full turn, whirl in dancing terminology. Teaching MAPEH is crucial and challenging. Normally, teaching-learning instruction is done with discussion, demonstration and return demonstration but during the pandemic everybody is subject for a change. We, the MAPEH teachers readily made ourselves available to change. Modules were distributed to learners and we helped behind the screen, screen of our laptops, tablets and phones. We prepared ourselves to a big leap- from demonstrating using our body per se to demonstrating using applications discussed and taught by experts in the field of technology. We became instant teachers-from-classroom to teachers-using-installed apps and different online platforms. This is to continually uphold the quality of education even amidst pandemic.

Did we struggle? Yes, but we carried on. The only thing that will change is where we do the learning, but the why and how of the teaching-learning instructions will remain the same. We, the MAPEH teachers will still keep the quality of education. Although, the task will seem difficult, we will always make it happen. MAPEH is MAPEH even amidst pandemic.