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· Volume II Issue II


Mathematical abilities are developed from everyday life experiences and students improve their mathematics abilities according to innate natural talent and learning style. This study assessed the pedagogical and learning competencies of mathematics teachers in small schools in Batangas province. It covered the description of learning competencies in terms of number and number sense, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, pedagogical competencies relative to mastery of content, utilization of approaches and strategies, application of evaluation tools and classroom setting. This study also covered the teachers’ management skills in planning, resource allocation and decision-making. Teachers’ strengths and weakness were also identified with the end view of proposing management module to enhance mathematics instruction.

The descriptive method of research was utilized in the study with the use of a questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument and enriched by interview and focus group discussion. Respondents include 139 teachers from the small schools in the province of Batangas. The statistical tools utilized were weighted mean and t-test.

Results from the findings revealed that teachers were greatly competent in probability and statistics and moderately competent in number and number sense, algebra and geometry. They, too, manifested great pedagogical competence in mastery of content, utilization of approaches and strategies and application of evaluation tools. In terms of management skills, mathematics teachers strongly agreed that they have the skills in planning, resource allocation and decision-making.

Moreover, there was significant relationship between teachers’ pedagogical competencies and management skills. Being respectful to all members of the school community served as greatest strength and limited ability to the art of questioning as teachers’ weakness. The output mathematics module aims to enhance teachers’ competencies in teaching mathematics

Keywords: Pedagogical competencies, small school, management module, descriptive