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· Volume V Issue I

Mackoy is a sweet, resourceful and hardworking boy. Aside from all of these traits, what really sets him apart from other kids is his helpfulness.

Mackoy and his family lives in the farm. His father, Mang Kokoy, and his mother, Aling Mara, are both diligent farmers.

They have passed on this habit to their only son Mackoy.


Mackoy always wakes up early in the morning. He goes out immediately after his breakfast. He loves to walk around in their farmyard. "Good morning to all of you!", his joyful voice fills the surrounding with his greetings.


He visits every corner of their farm to feed their animals. That has become his routine since he was five years old. He finds joy in caring for their farm and everything there. He makes sure that all of their animals are in good condition.

"How are you today?", his approach has been this kind.


Mackoy loves to help his father in all the works he does in their farmyard. He spends most of his time helping Mang Kokoy. "Tatay, what's our mission today?", he politely asked.

"Oh, you're excited again young man", Mang Kokoy replied.

"Common, let's go to the lawn and see what awaits for you", his father invites excitedly.


“Surprise!”, Mang Kokoy joyfully exclaimed.

Mackoy said with excitement, "Tatay, this is challenging again!"

"Are you ready to take the chellenge?", asked father.

"Yes, please let me know what to do!", Mackoy answered.


There are six empty baskets. Mackoy is excited to use them again. So, he pleaded his father to explain what shall he do to help him out.

"You only need to pick one basket and fill it with grass and soon you shall have a reward", Mang Kokoy added.

"Yehey!", Mackoy shouted joyfully. He then picked one basket and went to the field immediately.


On his way, he saw his friend riding on a bike. His friend invited him to play. However, Mackoy refused to join because he needs to finish his work and help his father in their farm.

He diligently carried the basket and filled it with grass.

"I shall finish this in time so I can let Mamoo be fed", Mackoy said.


Mackoy went to Mamoo immediately when he arrived in their farm.

Mamoo is a special cow for Mackoy. It provides free milk for the family. So, Mackoy takes care of Mamoo dearly.

"You look great today, Mamoo!", he greeted the cow.

Mackoy has been so kind in dealing with every animal in their farm.


Mackoy brought Mamoo inside the yard where his father works.

"Tatay, look! The basket is full!", Mackoy said happily.

"Wow! You're amazing, Mackoy", Tatay Kokoy cheered.

Mackoy's diligent deeds always makes his Tatay Kokoy feels happy.


Mackoy received his reward after a long day working at the farm. May there be a reward or none, he still manages to work and help his family happily.


Mackoy is indeed a jolly helpful farm boy! He makes sure to work diligently. Mackoy wants his family to be happy through his helpfulness.