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· Volume V Issue II

As the song goes, “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now I see.”


She saw the works of the Lord beforehand in her life.

She knew God manifested His power in her even before she realized it,

She felt the power of the Holy Spirit amid her sufferings,

She believed it was all Jesus’ hands who lifted her up out of her shame and oversight in life.


But these becomes shadows in the light of Him.

It has distracted her from her own imprisonment in darkness.

Being lost where she used to be in the ray of light,

Where she shouldn’t enter the tunnel of distractions,

Where she supposed not to delight the crave of being loved.


Because she should have known better,

The greatest love of her Savior is more than enough to contain,

It is the source of loving thyself, thy neighbor and everything on her.

It is the confidence to wrestle with the difficulties in life.

It is the dawning to regard the cry of the needy.


Her Savior taught her how to fight the good fight,

Perhaps she forgot it for some time.

Shading herself of so much worries, anxieties, anger, and pain.

Unveiling her with so much dedication to the people she loves,

But, as it may be, not the way her Savior wants her to grasp.


And before her flesh consumes the depth of her faith,

Her Savior breaks the silence of the hustling diversion in her life.

She humbly confessed that she was so tired and weary of finding the answers that the world can’t give,

Until one day, she woke up and realized that she had become lost.


Lost from the vagueness in life.

The greatness of the one who owns her life,

From the voice who keeps her serene.

Yet she has received unconditional love.

Faithfully, graciously, and the great mercy of her Savior.


Thank you Abba Father, for opening her blinded eyes,

Wounded heart, and crushed mind.

And receive your unfailing love,

She was once lost, but now she’s found.

To live again with the ruin on the Cross!